Straight Talk for Doctors is a blog by Laurie Morgan, Judy Capko, and Joe Capko of Capko & Morgan.

We use this space to share ideas about management and market trends affecting medical practices. Our themes include building patient-centered strategies, operating efficiently, using technology well, and planning and leading effectively.

Laurie, Judy, and Joe’s articles draw from their individual practice management consulting experiences and their research interests and publications.

Laurie’s blog is an extension of her popular book and ebook series, Management Rx, which draws on her management education and experience derived from years as a senior executive, entrepreneur, and consultant to small and medium businesses.  She is especially interested in issues related to patient flow, revenue cycle management, technology, contracts, and developing management talent.

Judy is one of the medical practice management industry’s most experienced, respected, and noted consultants.  Her blog touches on all areas of practice administration, but also reflects her special interest in patient-centered practice management and valuing staff’s contribution. In addition to her blog articles, Judy has shared ideas and tips through her best-selling book, Secrets of the Best Run Practices.

Joe worked in the technology industry for many years.  His writing reflects his interests in technology, with themes such as securing patient data and properly evaluating statistics.

In addition to blogging here, Judy, Joe and Laurie are regularly interviewed for and contribute articles to trusted medical publications and websites.  Past publications featuring our team’s contributions include American Medical News, Dermatology Times, Family Practice Management, Group Practice Journal, Medical Economics, Ophthalmology Times, Orthopedics Today, Practice Link, Physicians Advisory, Physicians Practice, Private Practice Success, The Journal of Medical Practice Management and Urology Times.


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