Patients are changing the rules on how to meet their needs and this impacts the way you run your practice, including the bottom-line. Take, for example, the enormous financial loss to the practice when there are potholes in your schedule due to missed appointments or other scheduling inefficiencies.

This is why I’m delighted that my latest book, The Patient-Centered Payoff, is available for free for the first 200 sign-ups for ZocDoc’s upcoming webinar (the webinar is also free!).  ZocDoc’s service helps practices offer convenient scheduling over the web — and that means both happier patients and better practice profitability. And that’s the essence of the patient-centered payoff.

Richard Fine, VP of marketing for ZocDoc, will be presenting this free webinar, entitled “The Patient-Centered Practice: What You Must Know to Succeed,” on August 5 at 10:00 Pacific.  He plans to share:    

  • Powerful tips on using technology to improve practice performance.
  • How to improve patient scheduling and decrease no-shows up to 40%.
  • What you need to know about on-line reviews and why this is so important.
  • Best practices for building patient satisfaction before patients arrive at the office.

Don’t forget to sign up soon, because the free copies of my ebook are limited to the first 200 sign-ups.

This webinar is hosted by Greenbranch Publishing.

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