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  • Someone asked:
    Is it better to outsource billing or keep it in-house?
    • Laurie Morgan Laurie Morgan replied:
      To give you a detailed answer, we'd need to know more about your practice. The specifics of your practice's situation would be crucial to this important decision. But a few things you might want to think about are:
    • Do you have enough volume to keep a full or half-time biller busy? Have you defined the job in detail?
    • Are qualified people available in your area? If someone on your staff is interested, are you willing to invest in training?
    • Are you satisfied with your software set-up, and is it flexible -- and, if so, how does that affect your hire/outsource options?
    • If you're considering outsourcing, have you thought through your requirements and do you know what you need to know to screen your options?
    • Also, regardless of whether you outsource your billing to a service, it's critical to stay involved -- now more than ever. Capturing every dollar for your practice is a team effort, not just the responsibility of your biller or billing service.

      If you would like more specific feedback on your situation, or are interested in a comprehensive review of your billing set-up and performance to help you decide, please contact us.

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