When we work with practices that are not as profitable as planned, or that are even struggling financially, the managers and owners almost always ask, “Are we overstaffed?” And almost always — contrary to expectations — our opinion is that they’re not.

In fact, when we work with practices that are struggling, it’s more likely that we will end up recommending more staff.

It seems counter-intuitive, I know.  The costs of staff are so visible, and sometimes seem so burdensome, it’s no surprise that managers and physicians instinctively want to minimize the size of their teams.  But this overlooks the value that staff can bring — value that can go right to your bottom line.

This isn’t just happy talk or a kinder, gentler management approach.  If you’ve been consciously driving your own practice’s headcount lower and lower, there’s a good chance you’ve cut enough that you’re actually reducing your income.

Staffing optimal requires attention to the details that drive practice profitability.  It’s more complicated than just figuring out how to get by with less.  But the rewards for staffing better are manifold: not just more money in  your pocket, but less stress for everyone, and happier patients, too.

My new ebook, The People-Profit Connection: Smarter Staffing for Practice Profitability, explores these ideas in detail.  It presents case studies drawn from our experiences with real practice clients, with actual problem-solving examples you can apply to your practice today.

To check it out, visit this page on Amazon.com.


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