This amusing television ad from Cigna is bound to attract a bit of attention from fans of Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, House, ER, and MASH. It’s cute. If you recognize any of these tv docs, you’ll likely enjoy it.

And it has a message that can help patients get more out of their insurance, and help your practice, too. The gist: we’ll use our skills as fake doctors to urge you to go see real ones for preventive services.

Nice recommendation. Preventive services give your practice a reason to reach out to patients — a gentle way to remind them your practice cares, and to keep them engaged. And it’s a great way to get more use out of the EHR your invested so much time and money in implementing.

With the deductible reset just over one quarter away, if you’re a primary care practice (or other practice that offers a qualifying preventive service), you might also think about booking annual check-ups in Q1 of 2017. If your practice is among the many that see a slowdown in Q1, your patients will appreciate being able to come in when it’s less busy. And deductible-free visits are good for your cash flow and cash-strapped patients’ wallets after the holidays.

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