When you think coach, you think team. Unfortunately, you might be thinking about a sports team instead of the practice. In reality, every practice needs a coach to guide team performance and come out a winner. The coach might be a high level administrator, manager or a direct supervisor, it might even be the physician in a smaller practice. In a practice with little structure it could be someone that has assumed the role because he or she just has the knack – Someone everyone feels good about and trusts.

If the coach is doing a great job the practice runs well and everyone is happy.  If you are someone else’s boss or responsible for someone else’s performance, coaching is your way creating an awesome team. So, hey coach, how are you doing? Let’s take a look at what the successful coach really does:
1. Create a constructive, winning climate for your team.
2. Lead your team to improved performance by providing encouragement, feedback and recognition.
3. Take action with people on the team who don’t carry their load.
4. Take charge and set the tone for your team to be successful.

Coaching is not just dealing with poor performance issues, it’s staying in touch with the entire team (including the best performers) and providing them with tools to be even more successful. You have the opportunity to create a positive, winning climate by staying in touch. Concrete things to think about in your role of coach include clarifying goals, brainstorming with the team and providing recognition. If your team feels you value and respect each of the them, they will go to the mat for you – and that’s a very big deal. You have the power to make this a reality. You can guide people to go from where they are to where they want to be – and that is powerful!

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