Every January, employees around the country secretly resolve that this will be the year they find a better job. If you’re hunting for new employees, this burst of interest in job-hunting is good news for you. But are you missing out on some of the best candidates for jobs in your medical practice?

Candidates who are currently employed are often the best prospects. But in our world, getting out of the office for an interview during normal work hours can be a significant obstacle. This is especially true for employees at the lowest levels. While we’ve all occasionally used “doctor’s appointment” excuses to depart early for an interview, that can be more difficult to do in a practice setting. Certainly, it’s not usually easy to do that more than once in a while, making it hard for employees to take on multiple interviews.

As a manager looking to bring on the best talent, one way to sell your opening more effectively is by making it less stressful to apply for it. Initial screenings that can be done by phone or Skype, in the evening or on the weekend, will accommodate more candidates who are currently employed — and will allow them to speak with you without tipping off their employers about their job-seeking. When final candidates are identified, consider setting aside a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to meet with everyone they’ll need to interview with at  your practice. Working on free time is not everyone’s idea of a good time, but it will help ensure you can speak with every great candidate. And if doctors need to be involved with the interviewing, they won’t have to sacrifice appointment time during the week.

If your process allows you to be more flexible in interviewing candidates, mention it in your postings, so people know they might have a shot at your job, even if they’ve held back on other opportunities because they worry about getting time off from work.

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