Last month, Capko & Morgan prepared a white paper on physician burnout for Kronos, drawing on survey research we helped Kronos field with MedData Group. Using MedData Group’s national database, we were able to survey physicians in more than 25 different specialties, in locations all over the country.

In some ways, the results were unsurprising: more and more data are pointing to burnout as a very real risk for physicians, and our survey was no exception. But our research offered a few new data points. For example, we asked physicians about whether burnout is a problem in their practices, not just for themselves personally (87% said yes). And we also asked physicians to identify possible contributors to burnout, with the goal of looking for potential solutions. The idea to survey physicians about burnout came from Kronos’s own experiences implementing physician on-call scheduling solutions, and how their customers learned that automating that process could help ameliorate one source of physician stress.

To read the white paper: Download. (It’s free, no registration required.)

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