More productivity, better morale, and better patient service, with no extra costs?  It may sound like a dream (or maybe an illusion?), but that’s the idea behind employee engagement.

Engaged employees go above and beyond the objective requirements of their job. They’re observant about ways to provide better service to your patients, and take steps to do so — without being asked. You can also count on engaged employees to bring you ideas for how to improve the practice — ideas that are often spot-on, because the employees who suggest them are closest to problems you might not see.

Sounds wonderful,right? So how do you foster engagement?  This is a subject I’ll be delving into in detail in my upcoming webinar on Tuesday, Dec 13 at 10PST (sign up for free at this link). I hope you’ll join me.

But in the meantime, here’s a preview:

  • Employee engagement goes beyond morale. It’s an emotional connection to and sense of responsibility for the organization. The feeling of a shared mission, of providing valuable services, is essential to engagement. (Because of the nature of their work, medical practices have a head start on fostering this sense of mission.)
  • Communication is key. When leaders communicate regularly, that helps employees feel like they’re part of a team that works together towards shared goals.
  • Encouragement is invaluable. Employees spend a huge proportion of their time at work. They want to feel like they’re succeeding. By focusing on employees’ strengths and accomplishments, leaders encourage their teams to continue to give more.

We’ll explore more specific ways to engage employees in the presentation — plus we’ll look at the research that shows that employee engagement is not just a fluffy idea, but rather a proven way to improve your practice, without spending a penny.

To register for the webinar, visit this link.





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