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    Three Keys to Thrive as an Independent Practice

    10:00 AM PacificWebinar
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    The Three Keys to Thrive as an Independent Practice

    Is 2017 the year you recommit to thriving as an independent practice—or the year you finally take the plunge and launch your own? Despite the hype about consolidation and practice acquisitions, many practices are doing just fine on their own, thank you—allowing their physicians to practice in the setting that works best for them, and allowing their patients a more personalized experience.

    Join Laurie Morgan of Capko & Morgan for a lively, practical webinar exploring three keys to creating a solid, thriving, independent practice business, sponsored by Kareo (@gokareo).

    The webinar is free, and it takes place on Feb 22, 2017 at 10:00AM. Sign up using this link.