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    Stop the Front Desk Madness!

    10:00 PacificWebinar ($237)
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    Too many healthcare practices do not give enough respect or attention to the receptionist and the front office workflow. Yet the staff members in the front office are the external face of the medical practice to patients, referring physicians, payers, hospitals, and other partners. It all starts with the front desk.

    So why does this position typically have the highest turnover rate in the practice?

    Invest 60-minutes with us on Sept 12 to hear healthcare practice guru Judy Capko. Her presentation, "Stop the Front-Desk Madness," will:

    • Examine how to redesign front office responsibilities in a way that benefits the entire practice.
    • Explore tactics to improve the front office image and instill pride in performance.
    • Discover technology's role in simplifying office tasks that support the front office and improve team work.
    • Learn how you can achieve best-run front desk operation that streamline workflow, reduce errors and contribute to higher performance and profits.

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