Committed, well-trained employees can make all the difference in patient service. After all, your employees are usually the first point of contact for your patients. Your employee costs are also probably one of your largest practice expenses (if not the largest). So how can you be sure your investment in staff is delivering the kind of patient experience you’re aiming to provide?

Employee engagement is a concept that aims to address this question. When employees feel a strong connection to their place of employment, that can lead to more confidence and more motivation to do a great job. So how do you cultivate that sense of engagement?

Join me for my next complimentary webinar (sponsored and hosted by Phreesia) on December 13 at 10AM PST, and we’ll explore what factors encourage or detract from employee engagement, best practices for engaging your team, and the ways that culture and hiring impact engagement — among other intriguing, related themes.

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