We’re looking for an exceptional pediatrician to join Rainbow Kids Clinic (RKC), the preeminent pediatric practice in beautiful Clarksville, Tennessee. Our community is truly an exceptional place to practice in pediatrics, but more than that, it’s simply an amazing place to live.

Money magazine names Clarksville the best place to live in America

In fact, Clarksville has so much to offer, Money magazine just named it the #1 Best Place to Live in the United States!

Among the things that caught Money‘s eye (and that we residents love): our remarkable parks and recreation, community spirit, historic downtown filled with hip arts and businesses, and a young, vibrant, and growing population (the median age is only 29, ten years younger than Tennessee as a whole).

With a current population of about a 150k, Clarksville has enough people to create a vibrant local economy without sacrificing small town warmth and charm.

Our many millennial families bring an entrepreneurial spirit to our economy. The business-friendly environment that supports start-ups and small businesses has also attracted investment from major companies like Google and LG, offering great employment opportunities at all levels.

Of course, having more than our share of growing families means lots of opportunity for pediatricians! All primary care physicians are in demand here, and that’s expected to continue to be the case as our community grows in the coming decade.

Customs house and cultural center

Customs house and cultural center

If you love the outdoors, we’re near all sorts of recreation areas for boating, camping, fishing and hunting. The Land Between Lakes and the Great Smoky Mountains are easy to drive to, and the Cumberland River Walk (right here in town) is popular with people of all ages. Plus, there’s no need to miss out on world-class city fun, since bustling and exciting Nashville is only forty miles away.


Cumberland Riverwalk

Best of all, unlike other parts of the country where you might find best of nature, lifestyle, economic growth, and urban entertainment all in one area, Clarksville is incredibly affordable. Median home prices are currently around $155k, far below the housing prices found closer to the coasts.

With so much going for it, it’s hardly surprising that Clarksville is being nationally recognized. We think it’s an amazing place to live and practice medicine. And we bet you will, too!

If you’re a pediatrician looking for an ideal community in which to practice, we hope you’ll check out our opportunity. Capko & Morgan is handling the recruiting for us. For more information, check out the job posting, and feel free to submit a CV via that page, or contact Capko & Morgan with questions. We look forward to hearing from you.